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2014, I enter the european car scene

2015, I discover the art of videography

2016, I create my Facebook Fanpage

2017, I create my first YouTube Channel
2018, I launch my first personal website

Future, I want to double my growth every year

Who am I?

Alex Piscitelli - yeah, that's my name...don't even try to pronounce it correctly -

31 years old, Italian origins but born and raised in Luxembourg.

What does LXAP stand for?

In all honesty, I would have preferred to simply use my name as my Brand Name, but considering how often my name is being assaulted during my career, I was somewhat forced to come up with another idea.

This is how LXAP came to life.

I basically merged my initials with the first two consonants of my home country. Not the most exotic thought, but it makes it easier for you guys to remember and look up on social media platforms.

Why videos?

​My Dad being a professional photographer, it was very easy for me to get my hands on professional camera gear very early.

And being a big fan of movies and slowly developing a passion for film making and analyzing making-of sequences, I quickly started using DSLRs to shoot videos.

Since I also had a passion for everything that has an engine and at least 2 wheels (except lawn mowers and tractors), I quickly found what I mainly wanted to shoot. 


If my story made you curious, you can find my work on my YouTube Channel in the link below:


LXAP Production


If you like the content, please make sure to subscribe to my channel and leave a like or a comment on the videos you appreciate the most.

The more support I get, the more you help me grow my channel and finally go cross borders.

M Y  G E A R

Main Camera: 

Sony a7 III


Sony 24-105 f4.0 G-Master (Sony Mount)

Sigma 35 mm f1.4 Art (Sony Mount)

Sigma 12-24 mm f2.8 Art (Canon EF-Mount)

Canon 16-35 f2.8 (Canon EF-Mount)

Sigma MC-11 Adapter (for Canon EF Mounts)

Action Camera:
Insta 360 One R 1" Sensor (Leica coop.)

Other important gear:

Smallrig fullbody camera cage

DJI Ronin S fully rigged


Atomos SHINOBI external monitor

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